Mgr. Michal Kubánek

Mgr. Michal Kubánek Lecturer
Mgr. Michal Kubánek
Position Title
Lecturer –

I am a lecturer at the Translation and Interpreting section (ATP) of the Department of English and American Studies (KAA). I teach seminars focused on the translation of technical texts and terminology work. I also participate in teaching lexicology and lexicography

585 633 112
,tř. Svobody 26,779 00 Olomouc
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Opening hours

Thursday, from 12.00 to 13.00 in office 1.39, or by appointment via email.

Personal Info

2006 - 2009 : Teaching Certificate
2006 - 2009 : Translation Certificate
2002 - 2008 : MA in English Philology and Journalism

English (CPE Certificate, A2 level), German, Russian (basic), Spanish (starter)

Traveling, sports, technology


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Currently taught courses


Terminology: term formation, term variation, terms in textual context, terminology data mining from text, the design of database and other tools for term processing and storage.

Source text in translation: defects in the source text, their identification and removal, the role of the translator.

Teaching translation: requirements and tools for student translation evaluation and assessment.

Cooperation on the project InterCorp.



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Kubánek Michal; Ondřej  Klabal. "Institucionální snaha o zajištění jednotné univerzitní terminologie." Recenzovaný zborník vedecko-výskumných a odborných prác, Terminologické fórum V. na tému „Úklady terminológie “,2015, 79-91.


Kubánek Michal. "Source Text Quality in the Workflow of Translation Agencies." Tradition and Trends in Trans-Language Communication,2013, 87-104.

Kubánek Michal, Ondřej Klabal. "Plain or Archaic: The New Czech Civil Code Going against the Flow." Comparative Legilinguistics (International Journal for Legal Communication), 2012, 12. 7-17.


Kubánek Michal, Ondřej Molnár. 2012. "Teaching Translation Strategies: The Case of Condensation." Teaching Translation and Interpreting Skills in the 21st Century. 75-92.

Kubánek Michal. 2012. "The Role of Terms in Text: Investigating Terms from the Textual Perspective." Text as a Dynamic Interplay of Text Parameters. 41-54. 


Kubánek Michal, Václav Jonáš Podlipský. 2011. "Does reliance on top-down cues in L2 speech perception change with
growing experience?" Achievements and Perspectives in SLA of Speech: New Sounds 2010. 181-191.

Kubánek Michal, Josefína Zubáková. 2011. "Přístupy k výuce terminologie v rámci přípravy překladatelů odborných textů na KAA FF UP v Olomouci." Terminologické fórum III. 73-81.


ESF Projects

2012 - 2015: Interdisciplinary Philological Innovation of Translatological Modules (IFIT) - module author, evaluator

2009 - 2012: English Study Program Innovation - Community Interpreting And Special Language Translation Modules (ISAPT) - module author

Internal Grant Agency (IGA)

2012 - 2013: Quality Assessment as a Part of the Translation Process - author of a book chapter, book co-editor

2011: Text as a Dynamic Interplay of Text Parameters - author of a book chapteri

2010: Translation of English Plays into Czech (1989 - 2009) - database and website administrator

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