Studying at KAA

Study support online

KAA uses the e-learning platform Moodle. Most courses have their profile in Moodle where students can find information about the course (its program, the requirements for passing, etc.), materials (required reading, teachers' powerpoint slideshows from classes, etc.), home assignments or news.

Some course profiles in KAA Moodle are open to the public. For example you can view the pages of the following courses (on the next page click on 'Login as a guest'):

Studying at KAA is more than sitting in a classroom

We are very pleased that our students do not only attend courses that are part of their curriculum but they also participate in various ways in other actitivities at KAA, both academic (research assistance, conference organization, discussions with invited guests, etc.) and social (parties).

KAA regularly gives a Freshmen party (October), a Christmas party and a Garden party (May). KAA parties are unforgettable. See for yourself:

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