Doctoral Programme - English Language

The doctoral programme in English linguistics offers both theoretical and empirical approaches to the study of language. Our graduates are now working as academics at universities and colleges in the Czech Republic and abroad, in scientific institutions, in prestigious publishing houses and as language experts in EU institutions.

The English Language doctoral programme is in the form of a full-time or distance study programme based on an individual study plan, in compliance with valid accreditation. The full-time programme is accredited as a four-year programme. The study plan is HERE.

Students of the full-time (internal) programme are expected to be present at the department regularly and participate in most of the events - i.e. attend classes, lectures and workshops at the department, participate in educational activities and be involved in the academic research and grant activities of the department. In addition to financial support from the faculty, students can also obtain extra financial support for their pedagogical activities beyond the scope of the study programme or for their research activities.

When preparing the individual study plan for the distance programme, the student's time limitations are considered and a way to compensate for lower personal attendance and participation in classes is specified (self-study plan, summer programs, oral consultations, essays, conference and publishing activity, etc.). The supervisor always elaborates a plan with the student for a given period of time based on the current student's possibilities. The plan is consequently approved by the English language PhD board.

An integral part of both the full-time and distance study programme is academic publishing activity and conference activity. After agreement with the supervisor, it is possible to receive credits for a study or research stay at an academic institution abroad. Full-time students are expected to participate in such a stay.

Both full-time and distance students have the opportunity to participate in grant projects at the department's Linguistics section. For 2012-2014 the department was awarded  EU ESF grant Language Diversity and Communication, which, apart from financial research support (as a research assistant) and participation in conferences abroad, also provided students with the possibility to become part of a research team and allowed students to meet with renowned Czech and foreign specialists at regular lectures and workshops. Doctoral students also have the opportunity to receive other grants, for example within the scope of Student Grant Competition (IGA) or Higher Education Development Fund (FRUP  Fond rozvoje UP), in which our students have been very successful (e.g.: IGA grant: Ondřej Molnár - Text as a Dynamic Interplay of Text Parameters).

When and how to apply?

The deadline for the electronic application is 30 April 2017.

Consult the web pages of the Philosophical Faculty, FF UP, for application details and the list of required appendices (HERE), or contact dr. Michaela Martinkova at for more information.

One of the obligatory application appendices is your research proposal. This concerns determining the area that you are going to focus on. For the purpose of the admission process for the English Language programme, your research proposal must be written in English, 400 to 700 words (plus a bibliography related to the topic). During the admissions interview, there will be a discussion in English about this proposal, during which the admission board and the applicant will discuss the theoretical and practical aspects of the proposal realization and the board may suggest elaboration or changes.

We look forward to seeing you!

Linguists at our department:

Professor Joseph Embley EMONDS

Doc. PhDr. Ludmila VESELOVSKÁ, Ph.D

Prof. PhDr. Jaroslav MACHÁČEK, CSc. (emeritus)

Prof. PhDr. Jarmila TÁRNYIKOVÁ, CSc. (emerita)

Jeffrey Keith Parrott, Ph.D
Mgr. Markéta JANEBOVÁ, Ph.D.
Mgr. Michaela MARTINKOVÁ, Ph.D.
Mgr. Václav Jonáš PODLIPSKÝ, Ph.D.
Mgr. Šárka ŠIMÁČKOVÁ, Ph.D.
Mgr. Jitka ZEHNALOVÁ,Ph.D.

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