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English grammar

  1. The ways new words enter the English lexical system.
  2. Nouns – articles.
  3. Nouns – number, countability, subject–verb concord.
  4. Nouns – signals of gender, personification.
  5. Adjectives – gradation, adjectives and adverbs identical in form. Adjectives in -ly. Premodification of nouns, sequence of adjectives in premodification. Noun in premodification.
  6. Adverbs – typical adverbial suffixes. Gradation. Intensifiers. Downtoners.
  7. Pronouns.
  8. Verbs – modality.
  9. Non-finite verb forms.
  10. Verbs – English temporal system, irregular verbs.
  11. Verbs – the category of voice. Passives and restrictions in passivisation.
  12. Negation – means of expression, restrictions, consequences.
  13. Word order and its functions. Inversion, highlighting constructions.
  14. Types of sentences – statements, questions (+ question tags), directives, exclamatives (+ wish clauses)
  15. Composite sentences. Relative clauses, time clauses, conditionals. Sequence of tenses.


1. What/Who Is American? Stereotypes and Myths about Americans and their culture.
2. History of the U.S. from the beginning to 1900.
3. History of the U.S. in the twentieth century.
4. European Immigration to the U.S. – historical overview, effect upon culture.
5. American Mass Media and Advertizing: History, present, effect upon culture.
6. History of the work ethic – attitude to work, money, the myth of success.
7. Ethnic America: Ethnocentrism, Multiculturalism, Minorities and Mainstream.
8. African Americans: Their history, social and cultural status.
9. Asian Americans and Hispanics: Their history, social and cultural status.
10. The frontier sensibility. History of mobility in American culture, the role of place and space.
11. Changing status of women, feminism, political correctness.
12. The diversification of American culture into High and Low: History, development, specific genre
13. Racism, crime, drugs: Origin and culltural response to these social problems (affirmative action,
political correctness).
14. McDonaldization of the World: A Critical Interpretation of the Cultural Role of the U.S. in the world.
Cultural Imperialism.
15. U.S. system of government, U.S. as the global cop (economic, military intervention).
16. Educational system in Britain - universities in Britain, their enrollment, diversification,
university graduates - finding a job, career future
17. Immigrantion in United Kingdom and its history, ethnic minorities, immigration laws
18. British newspaper industry - newspaper tycoons, ownership, categories, readership
19. Advertising - history, posters, newspapers, television, strategies and regulations
20. Book industry - literary prizes and awards, festivals, book readership, British Library
21. British publishing houses - their history, history of printing, representatives
22. British film - its history, national archives, film institute, DVD and video culture
23. BBC - history, its role, current development and changes, ITV
24. Political campaigns and elections - rules and regulations
25. Political parties - their history and current status
26. British parliament, royal family
27. National Health Service - history and current changes
28. Local government - system, functions, staff
29. British environmental protection - laws and regulations, zero waste charter
30. British national parks


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